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On Light (Part 2 of 6)

A conversation between Janet Sussman and Doug Mackey (Oct 2010). Continued from Part One.

J: The brain is a mechanism for interpreting light, for storing memory. But the brain would be absolutely useless, it would just be a piece of junk matter floating around if you didn’t have a light body made of chakras. The chakras are where the data storage occurs and the chakra feeds that into the physical brain. The light that the chakra feeds goes into the photosensitivity of the brain, and the entire brain is photosensitive, not just one portion of it. Every chakra feeds every portion of the brain. That’s where the information is missing, the notion that the root chakra is your tribe and feeds your identity. In a way there’s differentiation, but truly the root chakra is feeding information to every single aspect of the brain. All the chakras are feeding the entirety of the brain information from the chakras.

D: The whole body has these little chakras too.

J: Billions of them.

D: What we call the big chakras, do they collect all the information?

J: Right, they’re aggregates. They are aggregated light formations that are built upon the quanta in the light body. Every chakra has a kind of sensitivity like the brain does; it’s photosensitive, it’s picking up light. It receives light and it also gives light out. That’s why you have an aura, because the light flows into you and the light is flowing out of you. That light that’s flowing in and out, the pulsation of the in and out movement in the chakra, is actually what maintains the structure of the chakra. The structure is being maintained through that in and out movement, it’s being maintained through the spin, through that gyroscopic motion, the different spins inside the chakras. The structure of the chakra has to be built.

Then there’s a containment field of the chakra, and guess what? The containment field is built out of dark matter; that’s what exerts the pressure that maintains the structure of the light body and maintains the structure of the chakra system. For every chakra there’s a huge amount of this dark matter that is essentially the backdrop for the chakra. So what we think of as a chakra is a containment field that is imposed upon itself by the pressure that the dark matter is exerting.

When there’s trauma to the chakra, every single thing that happens, every emotion, every sensation imprints itself on the chakras. It doesn’t just imprint itself in one chakra, it imprints itself in every chakra.

These billions of “minor” chakras are actually not so minor. But in terms of the understanding of this containment field, these multidimensional quantized chakras are being created because there’s pressure. If there were no pressure, then all the light intelligence would be scattered into these many little chakras and you would not be able to interpret your experience. You would be a different kind of being if you had no chakra containment field. You wouldn’t be human. Who knows what you would be? You’d be intelligent but you wouldn’t have chakras, because the chakras condense everything under pressure.

Because the chakras are completely holographic, they are sending information to every single aspect of your body at every moment in time and space, and they’re always doing that. They’re sending information to your brain. I talk about the stem of the heart, but the stem idea is completely related to the brain, the brain stem. The brain stem is the physicalized version of the stem, or sushumna, of the chakras. It captures the cerebrospinal fluid and comes up into the brain stem and goes into the occiput and so forth.

The reason that’s so important is that the brain stem is the most amazing, complex thing that you can imagine. And it’s gorgeous too. When you take it apart and look at it on the level of light, it’s absolutely magnificent. It’s like looking into the most beautiful flower. It’s awesome, like looking into the universe.

The brain stem is more about the functionality of the chakras, whereas the heart is where the memory is. A lot of the memory system for the chakras is in the heart—that’s why it’s the governing chakra. But the brain stem and the stem that runs through the entire chakra system is the most compressed area of the light body. The physical spine and all the nerves in the spine are under tremendous amounts of pressure. It’s the pressure that causes you to be upright—otherwise you’d be like a monkey on all fours. What makes you homo erectus is because the light body is under pressure that keeps it upright, through the gyroscopic motion of the chakras and this containment of the chakras. Otherwise you would not have a fixed spinal column. Invertebrate animals have a different type of light process going on because they don’t have a hardened vertebral system.

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