Thursday, May 20, 2010

Multi-temporal Yoga

In order for us to communicate effectively with the realms of Light outside of our normal domain, the light body has to stretch and open into these multi-temporal landscapes. The Light thickens, becomes more elastic and more permeable to the spatial areas that will eventually fuse themselves into our Light identity. The physical body, its musculature, the sinewy aspects of the muscles, ligaments and tendons form a scaffolding upon which these new, more fluid areas of light musculature can be built. The body becomes capable of holding its physical mass and then moving beyond that to an area of consciousness outside of its usual surroundings. We are literally able to be in the world and not of it. This creates a profound freedom and sense of unification with ourselves, our surroundings and the sense of continuity with the planetary consciousness. This is the purpose of this type of multi-temporal yoga.

The personal work that we all must continue to do, the investigation of our psyche, our structures of belief, our sense of personal mission and the quality of our interaction with others, is essential for the preparation of our light identity. No aspects of this personal story are irrelevant. As we are able to interface with our friends, relations and other animal and plant beings we create a distinct sense of harmony and oneness that allows for peace within ourselves and our environment. This is necessary for the sustainability of our own emotional surroundings as well as integration with the present shift in dimensional structure that is the hallmark of this time period. To sustain a life without fear and a sense of grief or anxiety, the light structure must undergo a complete overhaul of what it has known as stable and enter a different process of core change. Those of us who have volunteered our consciousness during this time are engaged in leading this process and helping others to break free from that which has bound them unnecessarily.

The many years of chakra work that I have been doing has created a ground for the development of the temporal yoga that I have introduced through The Reality of Time. This yoga includes psycho-spiritual exercises to move the heart chakra beyond the bounds of our usual orientation. This supports the full elasticity of the heart to develop, opening consciousness to the multi-temporal domains outside of our dimensional platform.

Thus, we can move past the personal traumas and inhibitions that have kept us bound to our past in ways that have been harmful to us and enter a more open-ended future within the context of our personal lives. Let's discuss this process together and understand who and what we are becoming as we move along in the shamanic re-making of ourselves and the Earth.