Wednesday, April 13, 2011

On Light (Part 6 of 6)

A conversation between Janet Sussman and Doug Mackey (Oct 2010). Continued from Part Five.

J: The notion of parallel realities becomes important in the concept of light because light refracts, so it’s always sending out many different possibilities of its own nature to creation, all simultaneously, all the time. The only reason we experience anything as stable is because there’s actually a quality in consciousness that is a stabilizer. That quality in consciousness which stabilizes makes everything visually replicative to us so that I can tell what this room is now and what it will be tomorrow. But without that stabilization in the brain, it would be like being on psychedelics. This room would look different every time you looked at it. However, the brain specifically has mechanisms to stabilize consciousness. Without replication you would not be able to see anything today, tomorrow and yesterday. You would be mad! Just as we need time codes to be able to function, we also need to be framed with reference to light.

There are beings out there that function without the stabilization of time and light. It’s not necessary for sentience. But it is necessary for our kind of sentience.

D: You said that sentience tags the light data that’s stored in memory. In order to create the stabilization, what is the process that results in the organization of the light bodies?

J: There is an entire stamp for humans and humanoids. We’re part of a larger species, which we would consider humanoids. So humanoid species look kind of like us but they have variations, like on Star Trek. There are zillions of these folks out there. We’re in the humanoid branch of creation. According to my teachers, the God-intelligence has branches and it branched off into humanoids. When the Bible says that we’re made in God’s image, that doesn’t mean that God looks like a human only. It means that there is an aspect of that God-intelligence that could be presented as human. It doesn’t mean that the God-intelligence is human or looks human.

The God-intelligence branches off into categories of sentient entities. In different parts of the galaxy there are certain species. Just like on our planet, there are certain categories of species. In our whole Milky Way galaxy there are certain beings that are in categories of sentience that exist here and they would be unlikely to exist in some other galaxy. They have different natural laws and they have different species. Just as when you go to the Amazon, you have different species than in North Carolina. The Milky Way galaxy has its own species associations, which are built on God’s intelligence differentiating into our location. As a result of that, there are other humans floating around in the Milky Way galaxy. We’re not the only ones. And there are other humanoids floating around in the Milky Way galaxy too. They’re all at different vibrational rates and at different dimensional expressions, so not all of the humans would be in our dimensional expression. There are humans on Venus right now. We can’t see them. It just like a ball of lava to us, but they’re there, because they’re on a different dimension, they’re at a different frequency. But if they were to materialize, like the guy who came to Congress and talked, you’d recognize them as human.

What makes us human is that we have a similar configuration in the light body, which may have some variance. A human on a different planet or dimension might have a different color of skin, but you could recognize them because there’s something about them that makes them human, that makes them identifiable to you, and that’s because they have a similar kind of light body, which is different from the physical body.

That’s also why, when you’re talking about reproduction, what’s reproducing? Your family characteristics are being reproduced through the light body system. It’s easier to think of it from a woman’s point of view because you have a man sending semen into a woman and now you have a being that looks like both people. How did that happen? That happened because of the light that’s being sent out from the man into the woman’s body. That’s what’s differentiating and creating the frequencies of the child, the replicative being. What really causes reproduction is the light communicating with itself through a physical structure.

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