Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mind, Intuition and Meaning

What does it mean to see internally? How does that arise from the depth of raw impulse? The intuition needs a form to operate from. It has to have fuel. The fuel is a hybrid of pure awareness and imagistic content to which the mind assigns meaning. If you get into your car in the morning and have forgotten how to turn on the ignition, the car will not run. The ignition for intuition is the imagination.

The artificial categories of intellect, imagination and intuition create a compartmentalized view of thinking reality. The mature mind takes the imaginative, imbues it with intuition and spits it out into a subjective logic. Then this logic has to conform to the atmosphere of cultural, tribal and historical contexts of belief that surround it.

Think of consciousness like a cosmic circus in which all the performers are trained to surround themselves with props to assist them in various contortions. As performers, we utilize the props in our reality to create spectacles of intelligence that teach us how the environment will respond to internal need.

The interpretative mind places value and significance on different levels of raw intuitive content. When intuition enters, it seals off rooms of its own, through which it will be able to send messages to other parts of the house of intelligence.

The mind automatically contains and processes information according to its own tendencies. To pull out of the “wrap” of the mind, one has to recognize the very structures through which the everyday thinking process clings. Through meditative practice one can spring the mind free from the templates that normally bind it, see through that wrapping and then make room for naked intuitive impulse to come forth.

Unprocessed intuition arises as an impulse in pure awareness that beckons the receiver to follow that impulse until it can be transduced into an integrative model. If one hears or sees an intuitive aspect, it has to be dilated, shrunk, into a package that the mind will be able to digest. Thus all information highways require proper assimilation.

The intuition is the interpretive mechanism that tells our nervous system how the feeling level will respond to the recognizable acts of the mind. We learn to tell time through our intuition, which tells us about the relativity of temporal intervals through our feeling existence. We are the repository of temporal views, strung together by the intelligence of the intellect and then wrapped in the pretext of intuition. We are the nomads in the domain of celestial awareness, tredding the desert of the mind.

The mind is never logical. The organization that intellect brings is highly subjective. My mind will never look like your mind no matter how hard we both try. Raw sequences of data enter from the level of impulse and hit the switch of imagination in long and short bursts.

The mind requires intuition to know how to think. The mind takes images, sensations, feelings, and processes them .The mind functions through comparison, analysis and reason. None of these functions are independent of intuition. The diet that the empirical mind relishes can only be enjoyed if the intuition has imparted the spice of meaning.

The sequencing that the mind follows never enters the realm of logic in the way that written or oral language demands. The raw sequencing of inner consciousness is more like a panoramic display of algorithmic processes, in which equations of consciousness are expressed imagistically and on the level of feeling.

To interpret the inner life, it is therefore necessary to unleash the intuitive process and allow it to interpret inner imagistic content at the same level from which it was birthed. Then the point of arising will match the depth from which the intuitive information sprang.

Light enters belly of intuition
wanders through mind
like finest curds
strained through cloth

Elephants appear
feigned causes of insanity
redirected to logic
that intellect defends

we are ice on the curved wind of sea
dealt the final blow by end
of all belief