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On Light (Part 1 of 6)

A conversation between Janet Sussman and Doug Mackey (Oct. 2010)

D: We’re starting with your idea of light being directed by intelligence or consciousness and ending up in a more densified form, which is equivalent to all the forms of matter, the bodily organs and systems, and subtle levels and gross levels of matter. The first thing that happens is that all this is on a background of pure existence and out of that comes light, which is stored in space in randomized form in what we know as smriti or memory. That light information can then be used, converted into information, in a dense form of matter itself. Do you want to talk some more about what happens when light gets stored in this first phase?

J: Are we talking about the body or the universe?

D: I think we should just talk about the mechanics right now. Realizing that there is a more universal aspect to this whole process, encountering light and making matter, we’re talking about God’s level.

J: That’s right where we are in this discussion. The God level seems to be about sound. The sound level goes to the light level and the light level talks to itself through sound.

D: So even though sound as we know it is a much slower transmission of a wave vibration than light, you’re saying that some aspect of sound is subtler than light?

J: Right. Sound is actually faster than light, at that mechanics level.

D: A sound like the om vibration is universal, the basis of all that is.

J: Exactly. At the level of the mantras, sound precedes light and everything comes from the sound. That means that the God-intelligence is operating from pure existence to sound, to light, to matter. God is the horn of the universe. It’s like the chaufar, which is used to actualize the ceremony, because it’s a fundamental sound in nature and it’s connected to the God-intelligence. The memory aspect is crucially important because it’s what forms our experience of our personal existence. We would stay as completely transpersonalized entities without a personal experience. We would not have personalities, we would not have ego structures, we would not have a life like we have now with objects or anything, if it weren’t for the fact that the memory part materializes or comes into fullness through the light intelligence. So a concept is essentially a form of light. It’s an organizational structure based upon light intelligence.

D: When you think of the idea of concept, of conception, it’s a reproduction of something. You’re dealing with concepts, with this aspect of self-replication as a means to self-identification. It’s like people who have to have kids in order to feel who they are in the scheme of things and perpetuate their names. They have to self-reference through conception in order to have a conception of themselves.

J: The body has a sound code that assists the replicating. The genes have a sound, Not only that but the alleles that make the genes, the chromosomes, all have sound. In nature the replication of sound and rhythm is everywhere. Turn on your water faucet and listen to the replication value of sound. It’s everywhere in nature. Everything is replicative. It repeats itself. It’s a very powerful part of the memory process. Melodies repeat themselves. Memories repeat themselves over and over with different flavors of understanding. The repetitive nature of consciousness is very important for consciousness to become conscious. It’s crucial. The repetition, the rhythm, the syntax, the intonation, those aspects of music are very powerfully important to understanding memory. Part of the storage aspect differentiates into those things, rhythm, syntax, intonation as part of the memory process.

D: Could you talk a bit about what happens with the stamping when light gets addressed?

J: First of all, you have this faster than the speed of light sound and it actually hits some kind of a wall. It bounces off the light wall. When it hits the wall, when it hits the light, it stamps it. The sound is actually what stamps it. It’s the frequency that stamps it. That stamping is a blueprint or a design or a tattoo, but it’s actually made from sound imprinting itself on the light. Just like you see in those pictures of sound imprinting patterns in the water from that scientist who’s been studying the crystalline structure of water, he sends sound through the water. It’s just like that. Sound imprints itself on the light and creates crystalline structures or designs or tattoos, and those tattoos form the differentiation of matter.

D: In terms of storage, when light is stored as memory in space, does it inherently have to be in a stored form when it gets to where it is tattooed and can it be in a free state as well?

J: It absolutely can be in a free state. Most light remains in a free state and it doesn’t differentiate, it stays in a non-differentiated state. But some of it differentiates and there’s a portion of the light intelligence that creates or propels the differentiation. It’s almost on the level of God’s will or desire that makes that differentiation happen and turns it into light and matter.

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