Friday, October 22, 2010

On the Sea of Intuitive Knowing

We think of the intuition as something that must happen quickly in order to be accurate. Sometimes the intuition just has to work up to things, slowly, carefully, so that the inner perception can become clear to us. When the initial image appears, it is often murky, even whimsical, and it needs a trained eye and heart to interpret it and give it meaning and life. In order to train the intuition, we need to focus our intent on the idea of significance or meaning, because the intuition is very willing to stay in “code” through our subconscious unless we give it a clear attention and let it reveal itself as a visible, overt intelligence. The intuition is a part of our higher mind, and it enjoys cultivated attention, and when you start to address it in the proper manner it will serve you by revealing knowledge from the inside out.

To start, let an image arise in your awareness, particularly in relationship to something about which you feel confused or troubled. Be aware that the feeling of emotional disturbance connected to the issue is to be viewed objectively, by simply allowing it to arise, without judging it. Think about going to the artistic performance of a cherished daughter or son; you are appreciative of their efforts, knowing they are not yet highly skilled. You want your intuition to feel delighted and encouraged, willing to practice on an ongoing basis. The intuition likes to be treated in such a way, with the feeling of what people call “beginner’s mind” whether you have exercised it well in the past or not. This innocence combined with ease of focus gives it the vitality to begin to reveal itself as something powerful and useful.

Stay with the initial image and then let the image float on your inner awareness, like you were on a very gentle craft at sea. Let the image float there and place a light under it, like you were lighting the boat from under the surface of the water. When that light of illumination appears, let the light float through the “image craft” and climb up to the surface, above the water. You will feel a rising sensation in your body as it comes up to the top of your head. When it reaches its own plateau, it will begin to form other images, especially if you give it a “kick” with your inner will, holding to that feeling of eased significance without strain. Brand new images, sometimes even cartoon-like will appear on the surface of your mind, and then, they will fall down through your consciousness, like they are falling back into the sea.

Soon, a feeling of peace will come over you, but also an awakening into the insight level. You will note that the images are no longer coded, but appear to have been given an instantaneous translation. Listen to what they are telling you, again in a very objective, non-intrusive way, and let the message stay inside to percolate there. Do not make immediate decisions based on intuitive information alone. We have a right and left brain and ideally they both need to time to converse. Evaluate the intuition from your mind’s eye too, by objectively placing the intuitive knowing in the context of a clear-sighted mental awareness, where the debris of our fears and fixedness has been pulled away from the fabric of our thinking. This step comes from meditation, which is a different process.

Let your mind rest in its stillness, don’t try to form any thoughts, just let the natural thinking process arise. As each thought appears, let it have its own weight, its own gentle or fierce demeanor. Don’t fight each thought, let it arise gracefully, in its own choreography of feeling. As thoughts arise, maintain that non-judgmental neutral stance, but if judgment arises, be as patient with that as possible. You will notice your mind settling down a bit. After a good bit of this type of practice, then you can add the “spice” of intuition to the mix, letting the intuitive insight sit in your awareness and evaluating it from the level of deep observation. Notice your breath, notice any outside sounds, notice the tingling or pulsing sensations of our beautiful organic intelligence. Bathe the intuition in this, and the warmth and presence of your own inner knowing will rise to the surface. A swan that has found its way to sea.

The intuition finds benefit in repeated cycles, so follow the meditative portion with another round of letting the problem areas arise again if need be, until you feel that your challenge has been sufficiently met. The intuition loves a good problem and when you approach it with humbleness and a sense of wonder it will reward you with good insight whenever life demands it.